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JULY 2008

Blue-Footed Booby

The Blue-Footed Booby Loves to Dance

No, you do not need to readjust your computer screen. Those dancing feet are indeed bright blue! For the blue-footed booby, bluer is better when it comes to attracting a mate. Learn more about the Blue-Footed Booby.

Live Blue: Live life with ocean in mind.  Read the commentary piece by Ocean Conservancy Senior Scientist Wallace "J" Nichols on how we can all live blue.

Blue Coral The Year of the Reef

A decade ago, the world lost 16 percent of its coral reefs in one year. Had it been trees instead, all the forests of North America could have been wiped out … in a single year. Ocean Conservancy President and CEO, Vikki Spruill addresses the rapid decline of coral reefs and what we can all do to ensure these magnificent wonders do not go extinct.

Learn five ways you can help save coral reefs.

Blue Fish 2008 ICC Video Promo SmallJoin the Cleanup and Win!

Sign up online now for the September 20th cleanup event and be entered to win our weekly drawing of great Ocean Conservancy prizes. A grand prize drawing will be held on September 22nd for the winner of a new Canon Powershot digital camera. Read the Contest Rules.

Watch our video and get involved today by registering online!

Blue Crab A Victory for Sharks

The National Marine Fisheries Service received over 27,000 form letter comments encouraging NMFS to: require sharks be landed with their fins naturally attached, prohibit porbeagle shark retention, and rebuild shark stocks in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic regions. Read more.


6 Degrees to the Ocean

We have all been feeling the effects of rising gas prices lately, especially as the national average for a gallon stands at $4.06. Learn how the price at the pump and the ocean are connected in -- you guessed it -- fewer than six steps.

Have a 6 Degrees to the Ocean idea to share with us? Send us a challenging headline for the next issue and we'll put it to the test!

You Can Help

Stonyfield Bid with a Lid


What We're Watching

Tune in Sunday, July 6th at 8:00pm to Nature: Penguins of the Antarctic on PBS for a look at emperor, king, chinstrap and adélie penguins and the harsh world they inhabit in the Antarctic.

Tell us: What are you watching?


What We're Up to

Shark BulletCousteau Joins Ocean Conservancy Board

Shark BulletCaribbean Monk Seal Declared Extinct by NMFS

Shark BulletLeaf Litter Talks with One of Ocean Conservancy's Finest 


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