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Dear Friend of the Sea,
Last week the House Energy & Commerce Committee took a historic step, at long last approving legislation that will tackle head-on the serious threat posed by climate change. We expect the full House of Representatives to vote on this bill soon.

The ocean is the first victim of climate change. Widespread effects brought on by higher air and water temperatures include loss of sea ice, sea level rise, extreme weather events, and harmful changes to marine fish and wildlife populations.

Our ocean has absorbed half the carbon dioxide we have pumped into our atmosphere from the burning of fossil fuels. This has left our ocean more acidic — threatening many ocean organisms, particularly corals and important species at the base of the ocean food web.

This step marks a historic beginning. The legislation includes important provisions that will improve the health of the ocean. But our elected officials need to know that voters want them to follow through. Please take a moment to write to Congress, encouraging them to keep moving forward on this climate change legislation and send a bill to President Obama that will protect our ocean and our planet.

Thanks for helping us start a sea change in the halls of Congress,

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Vikki N. Spruill
President & CEO, Ocean Conservancy

Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Help Keep Florida Waters Safe for Sea Turtles

On May 18th, the waters off the west coast of Florida were temporarily closed to longline fishermen to protect loggerhead sea turtles, an endangered species. To keep it closed, the government needs to hear from you»


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BLUE Economy: What is the Ocean's Role in Revitalization?

We take on that issue on June 9-11 during Capitol Hill Ocean Week, where we will be moderating a panel of ocean energy policy experts. Learn more about this exciting week»

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May 2009

» Help Keep Florida Waters Safe for Sea Turtles

» Creature Feature: Parrotfish

» BLUE Economy: Capitol Hill Ocean Week

» Video: Deep Dive with Jessica Koelsch
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