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Dear Friend of the Sea,

Last year, the Obama Administration made great strides toward creating a “blue” presidential legacy when it established the Ocean Policy Task Force.

The newly formed Task Force is already making waves by paving the way for a National Ocean Policy. And just last month it produced a draft framework to move forward an important process called "coastal and marine spatial planning."

Now we've got a chance to weigh in: Tell the Task Force that we need ocean planning that first and foremost protects, maintains, and restores the health of the ocean.

Just like urban sprawl, we have marine and coastal sprawl. And more than ever, the ocean and its wildlife face pressures from diverse activities: commercial fishing, numerous recreational uses, offshore drilling, and shipping superhighways are all competing to stake their aquatic claims.

That’s why it’s time to put order in the ocean. The Task Force must ensure responsible and comprehensive ocean planning that preserves a healthy marine environment, now and for generations to come.

Please join us in urging the Ocean Policy Task Force to take this opportunity to get it right — join us before the February 12 deadline and call for sustainable ocean planning.
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For a sea change,
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Vikki N. Spruill
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Ocean Conservancy


Support a Smart National Fish-Farming Plan

Right now, we have the chance to pass strong national fish-farming standards that protect our vast and valuable ocean and the wildlife and people that depend on it. But we need your help! Please ask your representative to support a smart national fish-farming plan »

photo contest

Enter Our Online 2010 Photo Contest Today!

Do you have any pictures that capture the majestic beauty of the ocean or the wildlife that calls it home? Here is your chance to enter our Annual Marine Wildlife and Seascape Photo Contest. Your ocean-themed picture could appear in our 2011 Ocean Wildlife Calendar and in our online slideshow. Enter your photos by the Feb. 28 deadline »


January 2010

» Tell the Task Force We Need Plans that Protect the Ocean

» Support a Smart National Fish-Farming Plan

» Enter Our 2010 Marine Wildlife & Seascape Photo Contest
Help Protect the Ocean
seal in the arctic
Arctic animals like polar bears, whales, walruses and seals need protection. Please help us advocate for sensible, science-based policies for the Arctic before it’s too late!


Ask the Experts
Fish Farm
"How hard would it be to make fish stocks raised in hatcheries, bound for offshore pens, reproductively sterile?" This question came from one of our Facebook fans. Click here for the answer from our expert, and to learn how to submit your own question.
Shop for a Sea Change
Use the Ocean Conservancy cause code OCEAN09 when you check out to receive a discount off  your purchase from My World My Wine — and they will support us with 10% of the sales.
Start A Sea Change
Change starts with you! Learn more about the challenges facing our ocean and what Ocean Conservancy is doing to help with our new video "It’s Time," narrated by Peter Coyote. Share it with your friends and family and let them know that going green starts with living blue! Forward our eNewsletter to keep others ocean-informed.

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