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Dear Friend of the Ocean,

It's time we take the pulse of the Gulf of Mexico.

A year ago, BP's Macondo well was first capped, but we all know that work to restore the Gulf is just beginning. As I wrote in Huffington Post this week, establishing a long-term ecosystem research and monitoring program for the Gulf with the best available science is a top priority for Ocean Conservancy.

Our proposal calls for a well-funded and robust science program to support the design, selection and evaluation of restoration projects. Our team in the Gulf is hard at work on a framework to guide ecosystem restoration efforts, and we're working with Members of Congress to help them shape restoration legislation.

If we start taking the pulse of the Gulf now, we'll have the information we need to build a healthy and prosperous region for decades to come.

I invite you to learn more about Ocean Conservancy's leadership in the Gulf of Mexico and thank you for supporting us in this important work.

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For a sea change,
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Vikki N. Spruill
President and CEO
Ocean Conservancy


Take action: Ask California to Save Sharks

It's almost Shark Week! Did you know over 70 million sharks are killed each year to meet a growing demand for shark fin soup—and we need to act quickly to make sure shark populations have a fighting chance of recovering.

To protect sharks worldwide from massive declines and risk of extinction, we simply must eliminate the trade in shark fins in California. Please add your name before August 15th to our petition asking California's State Senate to put an end to the shark fin trade.

Want to learn more about sharks? Check out what we're doing to help whale sharks and other wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico.


One Month, One Minute, One Thing: Tiny Trash

Bottle caps, cigarette butts, candy wrappers – to people like us, this tiny trash can appear harmless. But the truth is, tiny trash has a BIG impact on wildlife when it reaches the ocean. One thing we can all do to prevent tiny trash from becoming marine debris is to simply choose a dedicated receptacle you can carry with you – your tiny trash tin. Click here for a few crafty ways to make your tiny trash receptacle more fun, personal, and portable.


July 2011

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Sharks and other ocean wildlife are at risk. Make a donation today to help Ocean Conservancy ensure a healthy ocean for the wildlife that calls it home.


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Pearls of Wisdom
Think you know everything about our ocean? Play our new Facebook game, Pearls of Wisdom! Every Saturday, we give you three ocean "facts" and it's up to you to tell us which one is the lie. Like us on Facebook to start playing!
Good Mate
Good Mate
Accidents happen. If you run aground while boating, DO NOT try to motor your way out. If possible, use an oar to pole out and avoid ecosystem harm. Learn more green boating tips and be a Good Mate »
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