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Shark fins

Over 70 million sharks are killed each year to meet a growing demand for shark fin soup—and we need to act quickly to make sure shark populations worldwide have a fighting chance of recovering.

Internationally, numerous governments have passed or are considering bans on the trade in shark fins. The United States currently has a national ban on the brutal practice of finning in US waters —but a loophole still allows for the import of shark fins to California, which primarily enter the country through its ports. California now has the chance to join Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington State in banning the trade in shark fins.

To protect sharks worldwide from massive declines and risk of extinction, we simply must eliminate the trade in shark fins in California. Please add your name to our petition asking California's State Senate to put an end to the shark fin trade.

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Dear Members of the California State Senate:

We, the undersigned, respectfully urge you to put an end to the shark fin trade in California by supporting Assembly Bill 376.

Sharks have suffered dramatic declines in recent years – with over 70 million sharks killed every year to fuel a global demand for shark fins, many shark populations have been depleted by over 90%. If these trends continue, sharks face continued endangerment and extinction within our lifetime.

By prohibiting the trade in shark fins, AB 376 can help effectively address the demand for shark fins that is fueling this global decline in shark species.

Please support AB 376 to end the trade in shark fins in California.

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