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Sign the petitionApproval of genetically engineered salmon by the federal government could have huge implications for California. To protect the state's people and environment, Assembly member Jared Huffman introduced AB 88 last fall, requiring labels identifying genetically engineered fish. This law is critical to protect California consumers, the state’s majestic ocean resources and California’s commercial and recreational fisherman from the risks of GE fish, so we are committed to making sure we do everything in our power to see it advance this week.

We don't support approval of genetically engineered fish until a full environmental analysis is done But if genetically engineered fish are approved, then labeling laws must be in place because consumers have a right to make informed decisions about items they purchase and eat.

Sign the petition below and let California Assembly members know you care about the future of our fish.

The Honorable Felipe Fuentes
Chair of the Assembly Appropriations Committee
State Capitol, Room 2114
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Assembly Member Fuentes:

We, the undersigned, support AB 88 (Huffman), legislation that requires any genetically engineered fish sold in California to be clearly labeled as such. Doing so will provide our families with the information we need to make informed seafood choices at the marketplace.

We have a right to know how our food was made, and if it has undergone any genetic modifications. Without labeling requirements, ours families will have no way of identifying genetically engineered fish in the marketplace. We could be unwittingly buying a fish derived from the genes not only of Atlantic salmon but also two other species of fish as well.

Whether for concern over potential long-term human health impacts, environmental risks of this kind of fish farming, or simply the freedom to decide what types of food to feed our families, genetically engineered fish must be labeled.

Thank you for supporting California consumers and protecting our wild oceans. We respectfully request your "yes" vote when this bill is heard on January 19, 2012.

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