Sign the Petition: Your voice can make big changes for small fish in California


Forage fish are some of the ocean’s smallest fish but are among its most important. These fish – including herring, anchovy and sardines – play an oversized role in our marine ecosystem, providing a crucial food source for top predators.

California’s Fish and Game Commission is about to consider a visionary new policy on the management of our state’s forage fish species. On Nov. 7, they will vote on a formal state policy recognizing the importance of forage fish that was created collaboratively by leaders in ocean conservation and local fishermen.

Please add your signature to the petition below to ensure the Commission votes to approve this crucial new policy for forage species.

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Dear Members of California’s Fish and Game Commission:

California’s coast and ocean supports rich marine biodiversity, attracts millions of visitors annually, and contributes significantly to our economy and to residents’ quality of life. The ocean food web and the coastal uses and economies it supports depend on a healthy abundance of forage fish.

We, the undersigned, commend the Fish and Game Commission for its proactive leadership on crafting a state policy that recognizes the importance of forage fish. Managing and protecting forage fish will support the ecosystem as a whole and ensure we maintain both a healthy ocean and a sustainable fishing industry.

Given the importance of protecting forage species to wildlife and the ecosystem, to existing recreational and commercial fisheries, and to coastal tourism and local communities, we urge the Commission to adopt the proposed forage policy at its November 2012 meeting. 


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