Kathy Burek

Veterinary pathologist, Alaska Veterinary Pathology Services, Alaska

“No vessels want to hit a whale. But avoiding whales takes the resources and expertise that NOAA provides through its personnel and through funding for research nationwide.”

Abby Stone & Becca Riley

Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Florida

“Research funded by NOAA continues to support marine mammal research nationwide.”

Kate Leavitt and Ashley Stokes

Director of Mission for programming and exhibits & Marine Mammal Rescue Program Manager, Seacoast Science Center , New Hampshire

“Without the resources provided by NOAA, the Seacoast Science Center would not be as well armed with the tools and information to encourage conservation and a further appreciation for New Hampshire’s vibrant coast.”

Alan Barton

Production Manager, Whiskey Creek Shellfish Hatchery, Oregon

“NOAA’s Ocean Acidification Program is helping us safeguard our future.”